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eyyy it's laws again with a third character!

petia parkinson )
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i know you all wanted this

... ok actually a lot of you did

anyway this is trent bringing you dadco malloy, the pokevolution of draco malfoy. this is the kinder and gentler version but he's still kind of a dick and also a sad widower. i dropped gellert for now but now you get this gross trash fire instead.

look out during-war kids, draco knows what happens to you.
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Please stop enabling me.

Elektra is a pure-blood witch, a Burke of Borgin and Burkes fame, and an auror who has recently been working a lot of international wizardhunts. Elektra is not a Death Eater, and her best friend is her halfblood cousin finish your app laws :|, which makes her neutral at worst in the burgeoning conflict. She's 27 years old and was in Slytherin House tyvm, kind of a tomboy and a tease, spends her free time drinking in pubs, playing with dark arts objects for funsies, and play-flirting with her boss, Rabastan. He's a baby. It's so cute.

Looking for friends, annoyances, people to flirt with of both the male and female persuasion, hit me, y'all
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 Hello all! 

Drea here bringing you Luna Lovegood, unfortunately taken from just before her canonical escape from Malfoy Manor. Please be gentle (or, you know, don't be.) 

She's currently living above Fortescue's (headcanon that he's a distant relative) and working on recovering from the struggle of being a prisoner of war (and the eventual helping out with the far sneakier resistance, probably sooner than is mentally healthy.) Right now it's just her and her great-uncle Fortescue (of the ice cream fame,) and she doesn't spend a whole lot of time at home but would greatly enjoy having a couple folks living there also (uncle Fortescue is a generous man) since being alone is a Not Good thing in terms of mental health

Speaking of mentally healthy, this girl is def. not and it's going to be a very jarring difference from who she was before the war, during the war (before her kidnapping,) and after the war, so I'm super intrigued by how she's gonna feel about this world and meeting people who are coming from any of the previous times.

Other than that I don't have anything plans, so feel free to hit me up here or through PM or through Plurk (guardyanangel) so that we can figure out all the things!
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DATE September 3, 1980
WEATHER Rain, rain, and... more rain. It's going to be a wet day!



We have a lot of new characters (and new players) this round! First off, Cath has brought us Albus Dumbledore, Sam has provided us with one Dorcas Meadowes, and Eri has graced us all with Salazar Slytherin. Then, we have the new folks! Exxie is coming in with Merlin, Clara has granted us Severus Snape, and Drea has gifted us with Luna Lovegood. Let's welcome all of them to our little family! We also have Rita Skeeter and Fenrir Greyback as NPCs now.
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hello new and old friends, my name is clara and i've brought you just what you've always wanted, a bitter bag of dicks shaped like a wizard. severus snape is the canon version of himself circa 1984 (that's a couple years after the end of the fww but a fair bit before harry's first year at hogwarts), with a wrench thrown in: he's pretending to be the native verse's, non-displaced severus snape. because what the heck else is a spy going to do.

some fun fax:
  • native severus has been at hogwarts this whole time, which is why no one's seen him; he works closely with minister riddle and is fond of basically brainwashing students. he's too young to be headmaster but that's the end goal. It's All For You, Damien.
  • he's legally a pureblood and has always been. the only people who know different are timmy and a certain ginger menace.
  • still a dick.

i am looking for volunteers to do some plotting. specifically, people who have native verse characters interested in having history with severus, and who want to be mindwhammied so severus can sift thru their brains about what his double was up to and then remove memories of having done so. soundtrack optional. also folks from the canon universe to stare at him in varying degrees of abject horror depending on their canonpoint.

i look forward to playing with you all!
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Yes, it's Muzy post #2, going against type and bringing you a non-evil bastard.

So here we have Marlene, age 22, halfblood witch, Gryffindor, and most probably annoyed about a customer right this second. You can read the whole thing here, but in short:
  • Runs McKinnon's Rare Manuscripts and Spellbooks, the finest rare magical bookstore in Diagon Alley, specializing in cursed and bespelled books to make any Death Eater and/or nerd salivate.
  • Her Muggle mother noped straight out of their life when she was 8-9, and Marlene semi-raised her younger twin siblings, Callum and Christa. They're currently at Hogwarts now
  • She has two cats, Bastet and Kitsune
  • She's hell on wheels broomstick
  • Firewhiskey: she's a fan.
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Hey guys!

Val here bringing you Hermione! You can find me at [ profile] queenbeenshee and Val#8609 on Discord, although honestly, plurk is your best bet!

Hermione is coming from the very beginning of Deathly Hallows, right after she removed her parents' memories of her and left the house to go join the boys in helping get Harry out of Privet Drive and Hedwig is still alive sob.

I'll go catch up with the game now but feel free to add me on plurk and hit me up if you wanna do stuff!

Super excited to be here! :D
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what's up nerds it's trent. i'm on plurk at [ profile] tacce or on discord (fucking sigh @ your goddamn peer pressure) at tacce#5571. i'm here to ruin everyone's lives with a death eater, a Hot Not-Mom, and a baby dark lord. HERE WE GO.

regulus black )

lily evans )

gellert grindelwald )
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DATE September 2, 1980
WEATHER Cloudy with showers later in the evening!
IMPORTANT NOTICE It's a full moon tonight! Best to stay indoors if you know what's good for you and remember to ward your homes.


NEW CHARACTERS Trent has brought in Gellert Grindelwald and Muzy has given us Marlene McKinnon. Let's also all welcome Val, who has graced us with Hermione Granger, to our fold!
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Hi everyone! I'm Cath and you can find me on plurk [ profile] chiralcath. I'm bringing in these two dorks:

Peter Pettigrew )

Albus Severus Potter )

Feel free to add me/ping me on plurk. I love to babble about my characters and possible plots.
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Hey all, I'm Chris and I'm throwing in two more displaced people: Dean Thomas and Bill Weasley!

Dean )

Bill )

Both of them have inboxes and apps on their journals ([personal profile] westhamwizard and [personal profile] cottaged, respectively) which I am too lazy to link from my phone. I'm on plurk at [ profile] objectpermanence and disco at gazzafizza#9103, feel free to add me or whatever! 😎
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hi!! I'm Ari and this is Ron and I have no idea what I'm doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

on the upside, ron usually doesn't either

Anyway I'm on plurk at [ profile] with_discipline, please feel free to hit me up/add me/yell into the plurky void, idk whatever suits you. He's got an inbox over here and you can peep his sloppily thrown together app over here, but more importantly you can watch tiny Ron stuff chicken into his mouth over and over again.

He's coming in from Deathly Hallows, where all his flaws won out and he abandoned his best friends :cccc He wants to go back but he can't he's stuck in 1980!!!!!

He'll probably be bopping around London and the Burrow I guess and then maybe eventually Hogwarts???? How does this work, is he a truant if he doesn't go even though he's supposed to be six, this is tough shit.

ps remember when his hair looked like this